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CCS Management is a full-service property management company specializing in the needs of Homeowners Associations) HOAs throughout Los Angeles County. Our core philosophy is is based on providing the value added services required by your owners without extra charges.

All of our work is focused on fulfilling client objectives, providing pro-active management, constant improvement of the property, increasing the quality of our homeowners’ lives, and provide this in a transparent fashion.

We have all the necessary forms and systems in place for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Our company works closely with the Board of Directors to identify their goals. We stay abreast of housing laws and trends. We also require participation in on-going training for all of our management personnel.

Of course, we are fully computerized, providing our clients with monthly financial information to meet their individual needs.

 Our goal is to create a sense of community pride for all of our Associations. Through regular inspections we assist the HOA in becoming aware of problems in advance of those problems burgeoning out of control. Our phones are answered by skilled management professionals who have the ability to determine the necessary course of action and, if need be, act on it.

HOA Member satisfaction and preservation of value and goodwill is a top priority at CCS. If members are satisfied, the job of the HOA is made far easier.

For detailed information on our services, qualifications and important news affecting HOAs, you are invited to review these pages.